Giant 160-Foot Squid Washed Ashore in California

Giant Squid California 2014

A freakishly huge 160-foot giant squid (49 m) was washed ashore on California coast earier this week, with the scientific world attributing the creature's unnatural size to the so-called "radioactive gigantism."

Interestingly enough, this was the second time such occurance had happened, as a massive 100-foot (30.5 m) oarfish was also found washed ashore at a similar location merely a few days ago. It is believed that 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster is to blame, as the event caused genetic mutation of an unknown number of sea dwellers.

Local residents remain higly concerned about the future of their marine environment. "This creature appears to be deceased and even if alive only thrives in water," said Santa Monica Parks Manager Cynthia Beard. "We intend to move the creature in pieces to Scripps Research Institute so that they can study it."

Although still not fully understood or scientifically defined, radioactive gigantism is believed to cause changes in growth regulation, making the affected creatures grow many times of their regular size. 

UC San Diego marine biologist Bruce Kenner remains very concerned about potential future effects. "Take 'Jaws,' but make him the size of a Manhattan skyscraper," he said, noting that "gigantism might distort sea creatures' navigational systems. If that guy took a wrong turn onto the coastline he could level 40 city blocks thrashing before he comes to rest," Kenner added.

However, a portion of the scientific community sees radioactive gigantism as an opportunity to push the envelope of various science branches. "These creatures give us the chance to study radioactive gigantism," said Santa Marino College biology professor Martin Grimm, adding he believes that "harnessing radioactive gigantism may be like harnessing the atom to create atomic energy. Imagine a tuna fish that could feed a city the size of Austin, Texas," he enthusiastically commented. "This is the possibility of radioactive gigantism."

Local authorities have declared a state of alert, warning the residents to stay clear of the sea and the coastline. More info is expected to drop soon, stay tuned.

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