Tiny Deep Sea Aliens

Looking like aliens from another world, these scale worms (Polychaetes) inhabit the depths of around 3200 ft (1000 m) where it is pitch dark and the pressure is immense.

Deep Sea Scale Worm

Their ability to survive in most extreme conditions, including both the freezing sub-zero temperatures of the sea floor and the almost 750 °F (400 °C) super-heated waters near the hydrothermal vents makes them capable of survival in basically any conditions found on Earth, which has truly fascinated the scientific community around the globe.

With size of approximately 1 in (2-3 cm), scale worms can turn their mouth inside-out in order to capture prey more effectively, contributing to their already alien-like appearance.

Deep Sea Worm Alien

As the volcanic vents are also believed to exist on Europa, the sixth closest moon of the planet Jupiter, many scientists are hoping to find connection with potential life on other planets, meaning that these alien-looking worms actually might help in discovery of real-life extraterrestrial creatures.

Due to the complete lack of sunlight, the entire surrounding of these thermal vents produces energy from chemistry rather than photosynthesis, meaning that Polychaetes are hosts to symbiotic bacteria that provides them with nutrients.


Certain factors even indicate that the bacteria is what the worms rely on in order to survive.

Much is yet to be discovered about these scale worms. The fascinating ability to survive and the connection with alien species certainly has left many impatiently waiting for results of further research.

Tiny Deep Sea Aliens

Deep Sea Scale Worm Aliens

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