Appropriately named after it's enormous fang-like teeth, the dreaded fangtooth is actually one of the most adaptable and endurable creatures on Earth.

The gigantic teeth are even making the fangtooth fish unable to close it's jaw, making the mouth almost permanently open.

Fangtooth Facts

Deep Sea Fangtooth

You might have thought that the fangtooth is a real-life deep sea monster you saw in a certain sci-fi movie, but it really isn't. The size of about 7 inches (18 cm) makes it basically harmless to humans, but nevertheless, fangtooth is a fierce hunter.

The fangtooth can be found at an astonishing depth of over 16,400 feet (5,000 meters), making it the deepest living fish in the world.


In such an inhospitable environment the food is extremely scarce, so fangtooth must seize basically every hunting opportunity in order to survive.

But what makes the fangtooth one of the most extreme survivors is the fact that several specimen managed to survive for months in captivity in aquariums. Such difference in pressure is bound to kill almost each and every specie on Earth, but the fangtooth proved itself as being different, stronger and adaptable, a true survivor in every way.

Fangtooth Fish


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