10 Creatures Of The Deep

Ability to withstand the most extreme conditions is what distinguishes most deep sea species.

However, certain deep sea creatures can withstand more and venture further into the deep unknown. Check out this list of 10 creatures of the deep.


10. Scale Worms - 3250 ft

These fascinating creatures can withstand the most extreme conditions in such fascinating measure that scientist link them with alien life forms. Find out more about deep sea scale worms.

Deep Sea Scale Worm


09. Vampire Squid - 3500 ft

Looking like a sci-fi extraterrestrial, vampire squid has remained mostly unchanged since the prehistoric times. Neither a vampire, nor a squid, this is one infernal looking creature. Check out more info about the vampire squid.

Vampire squid


08. Goblin Shark - 4250 ft

The true deep sea monster, goblin shark keeps both fascinating and intimidating everyone with it's grotesque appearance. Discover something new about the goblin shark.

goblin shark


07. Hatchetfish - 4500 ft

Named after a distinctive shape of it's body, the hatchet-fish can reach the depths of about 4500 ft.



06. Giant Tube Worm - 5000 ft

Often grouped in colonies, giant tube worms inhabit the extreme regions surrounding the deep sea thermal vents. They can be located as deep as 5000 ft below the sea level.

Giant Tube Worm


05. Viperfish - 5000 ft

The extreme conditions of over 5000 ft deep waters made this creature one ferocious hunter. As the prey is scarce in such environment, the viperfish must be as effective as possible in order to survive.



04. Dragonfish - 5000 ft

Despite the small size of about 6 in (15 cm), dragonfish is one rabid predator inhabiting the depths of up to 5000 ft.



03. Gulper Eel - 6000 ft

With enormous, larger-than-body mouth, the gulper eel can withstand the conditions of 6000 ft deep waters with it's unusual built playing the crucial role in the process.

Gulper Eel

02. Giant Squid - 10000 ft

Associated with World War II stories telling of sailors being devoured by a giant creature in dark, cold waters, giant squid can dive as deep as 10000 ft.

Giant squid


01. Fangtooth - 16000 ft

An extreme survivor, the fangtooth fish can be located at some of the deepest part of the ocean and astonishing depths of 16000 ft (5000 m). Captivated fangtooth has once survived 5 months in captivity in spite of great differences in both temperature and pressure.


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