Deep Sea Creature That Inspired the Alien Series

Phronima Alien

If movies are as much as barely located on your interests list, you must have at least heard of the Alien movie series started a long time ago, in the year 1979.

But you must truly be a great fan of the entire franchise to know the story behind the inspiration for the dreaded alien creature.

It's called Phronima, and it's height of mere one inch (2.5 cm) is a complete opposite of the well-known movie creature.

Alien Sea Creature

The fully transparent Phronima can be deadly to creatures much bigger in size. It can position itself in the belly of the host, which include numerous sea animals. Sounds familiar?

Phronima can be located at the depth of over 1000 feet (305 m) in a rather inhospitable, dark and cold deep sea environment.

To sum it all up, one look at this creature makes the link with the Alien series more than obvious. Therefore, check out some Phronima images below.

Alien Movie Inspiration


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