Fake Hurricane Sandy Shark Pictures

In the age we live in, one of the things bound to happen after a certain natural disaster is the appearance of fake pictures. And by that we mean a lot of them.

As sharks are one of nature's most fascinating creatures and flooding are an often side-effect of natural disasters, Photoshop experts figured out that combining these two can result in a highly viral image.

That is exactly what happened during the hurricane Sandy strike with two distinctive fake shark pictures appearing throughout the Internet.

So you don't get fooled, we present you with these fake hurricane Sandy pictures as well as the original images, just to clear you of any doubt.

Hurricane Sandy Fake Shark

Hurricane Sandy Fake Shark Original

Fake Hurricane Shark

Hurricane Shark Fake Original

In addition, we bring you some other fake Hurricane Sandy images. You've probably seen at least some of them, but we assure you, they are all 100% fake.

Hurricane Statue Of Liberty

Fake Hurricane Sandy Statue

Finally, check out the one photo that you probably thought was fake, but really isn't. It looks like it came straight from a Hollywood movie scene, and was officialy confirmed as authentic.

Hurricane Sandy

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