Fake Killer Whale Attack Video

Killer Whale Attack Fake Video

If you tend to surf the web once in a while, there is a good chance you came across a video of a man being struck down by a killer whale while entering water.

Well, we can tell you that the video is 100 percent fake. Although it does seem quite suspicious from the very start, there are more than a few of those who thought the video is authentic.

It's actually a part of a La Sirena TV commercial. You can tell that from the "No todos los lapices dan suerte solo el lapiz la suerte de La Sirena" slogan in the second clip. What it really means is "Not all pencils give you luck, just the pencil "La Suerte" from la Sirena", pointing out to one of the companies' previous promotions named 'Lucky Pencil'.

La Suerte is a chain of retail stores from Dominican Republic, and although the whole commercial may seem a bit strange, those are the facts and the video can officially be labeled as fake.

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