Famous Shark Pictures That Are Actually Fake

Shark Helicopter Fake

We present you a list of some of the most famous shark pictures that are actually confirmed as photoshopped, or fake.

There is a good chance you are familiar with at least one of these images, but we can assure you that they are 100 percent fake.

One of these images, the infamous helicopter shark, was allegedly named the Photo of the Year by National Geographic.

You can check the Top 3 pictures with a detailed explanation below, as well as some less known, and more obviously fake pictures.

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03. Shark In The Streets Of Puerto Rico

Shark In The Street Puerto Rico

The picture of a shark swimming in the streets of Puerto Rico after the Hurricane Irene took various media by storm as the image spread through the Internet community with rather high speed.

Shark In The Street Original

It was officially confirmed as fake not long after. The shark itself was taken from the famous photograph of shark following a kayak, one of the few authentic and truly amazing shark images.


02. Scuba Diving Couple Shark Picture

Shark Scube Divers Fake

The creepy story of a family holiday in Australia and an eerie image of a gigantic great white shark swimming behind a wife and husband while scuba diving turned out as one of the most popular shark images on the Internet, mostly due to cleaver use of Photoshop.

The story itself tells about a family on a holiday in Australia when husband, wife and their 15 year old son went scuba diving.

Shark Scube Divers Original

The son wanted to take a picture of his parents when suddenly a huge shark appeared behind his parents. The couple noticed nothing and didn't believe their son until they went back to hotel and saw the image below on their computer.

The picture is also a definite fake, as the original image clearly indicates it was photoshopped.


01. Helicopter Shark

Shark Helicopter Fake

The infamous helicopter shark picture was allegedly named the Photo of the Year by National Geographic prior to being revealed as an Internet hoax.

Helicopter Shark

The image consists of two pictures wrapped together as one, the first one being the image of a military drill and the second one a shark jumping out of the water.

You can check both the fake and the original image and see for yourself.

Helicopter Shark Original

Finally, we bring you some of the other fake shark images which were clearly made with much less skill and don't need much evidence to be labeled as fake.

Fake Shark Pictures

Fake Shark Attack

Shark Fisherman Fake

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