Longest Living Sea Creatures

You'd expect that certain sea animals have a longer lifespan than the ones on earth, including the humans, but the fact that a certain sea creature has discovered the secret of immortality is bound to take anyone by surprise.

So sit back and check out our top 8 list of longest living sea creatures.


8. Galapagos Tortoise - 177 years

Galapagos tortoise

A symbol of longevity in certain cultures, the tortoise is a creature well known to all as a slow, yet persistent animal.

The longest living Galapagos tortoise reached an impressive figure of 177 years. This specie in general can grow up to 5.9 feet (1.8 m) in length with a weight of around 880 pounds (400 kg).


7. Red Sea Urchin - 200 years

Red sea urchin

Located in the Pacific Ocean, the longest living sea urchin is known to reach the age of 200, double of what most humans can reach in extreme cases only.


6. Rougheye Rockfish - 205 years

Rougheye rockfish

With a maximum size of almost 1 meter (3.28 ft), the deep-water Rougheye rockfish has impressed scientists with an extreme longevity, reaching the amazing age of 205 years.


5. Bowhead Whale - 211 years

Bowhead whale

The biggest creature on our list, 100-ton bowhead whale, lands at #5 with a lifespan twice bigger than it's weight.

It can grow up to 66 ft (20 m) in size, with a maximum known lifespan of 211 years.


4. Koi fish - 226 years

Koi fish Hanako

Hanako the koi fish amazed the scientific community with it's stunning lifespan of 226 years.

What made Hanako stand out to such a degree is the fact that the maximum koi fish lifespan is mere 47 years.


3. Ocean Quahog  - 400 years

Ocean quahog

Known as an extreme survivor, the ocean quahog clam can reach the number of staggering 400 years.


2. Antarctic Sponge - 1,550 years

Antarctic sponge

Located in the freezing waters of Antarctic Ocean, the immobile Antarctic sponge grows very slow. This also makes it able to last for centuries, as the oldest known specimens are over 1,550 years old.


1. Turritopsis Nutricula Jellyfish - immortal

Turritopsis nutricula

The wonder of nature itself, the Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish left the scientific community speechless once it was discovered that it can cycle itself back to the immature polyp stage once it has reached the mature adult life stage.

What this basically means is that in a way it never gets old and can therefore live forever.

The secret this animal holds might be one of the ultimate goals that many try to reach. Therefore, it is not surprising that numerous experiments and researches are to be conducted in the near future.

Immortal jellyfish

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