Video: Deep Sea Squid and Owlfish Fight to Death

Squid Owlfish Battle

A never-before captured deep sea battle between a squid and an owlfish has recently surfaced online, giving us a unique glimpse of what goes on in the ominous domain of the world's deepest oceans.

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Sailor's Remains Found Inside a Shark

Shark Sailor Attack

Not exactly something you hear of see everyday, the remains of a missing sailors were found inside of a tiger shark caught just off the coast of Jaws Beach in Bahama, the filming location of one of the Jaws movie sequels.

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Goblin Shark Attack (Video)

Goblin Shark Attack

Check out this amazing video of a goblin shark attack. The creature itself is hard enough to locate and film, so the fact that the attack of a goblin shark was actually filmed makes this footage additionally exceptional.

More details about this fascinating creature at the following link - Goblin Shark Facts.

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10 Deep Sea Monsters

Deep Sea Monsters

Ocean depths are an extreme environment with some extreme inhabitants. With names like fangtooth and viperfish, these 10 species truly look like deep sea monsters. Check them out.

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