9 Transparent Deep Sea Creatures

Crocodile icefish


With transparent blood and a white heart, this is one very interesting creature. Found in freezing waters around Antarctica and southern South America, crocodile icefish absorbs oxygen directly through the skin as it's the only way it can breathe in this cold surrounding.


Transparent flatfish


This transparent fish, known as the flatfish can be located both in Atlantic and Pacific. Named after it's flat body it belongs to the Pleuronectiformes order containing over 500 species, 130 of which are American.


Bell medusa


The bell medusa with it's short, evenly distributed tentacles floating through deep sea waters.




This bizarre fish with transparent head and tubular eyes is called the barrelfish. It is probably the most well-known transparent fish with interesting ability to rotate it's eyes within the transparent shield on it's head.


Transparent ice fish


This recently discovered ice fish was located near the Antarctic coast. Transparency is definitely it's most striking feature.




Salp is a free floating tunicate that moves by pumping water through it's body. They group in swarms forming some pretty amazing shapes.


Transparent jellyfish


Certain jellyfish are so transparent they are impossible to be seen with a human eye. The one above is from the Arctapodema genus, with a size of one inch (2.5 cm).


Glass squid


The Glass squid is another see-through creature of the deep with an ability to roll into a ball. It has light-producing organs located in its eyes which as you can see give it quite a creepy look.




This transparent amiphod has a unique survival strategy by making itself almost invisible to predators. This strange inch-long creature actually inspired the design of queen alien morph in Alien movie series. Just one look at it makes it obvious why.



Transparent Sea Animals

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Transparent Animal

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Transparent Sea Creature

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