Albino Cyclops Shark Found in the Gulf of California

Cyclops Shark

If a shark itself is scary enough for you, then how would you react to a one-eyed albino cyclops shark?

That is exactly what a Mexican fisherman named Enrique Lucero León found in the Gulf of California.

It all began when León legaly caught a pregnant dusky shark. Once he cut open the shark's womb, he found a total of 10 fetuses. Nine were perfectly normal, but the tenth one was somewhat of a miracle.

Albino Cyclops Shark

The 22 inch (55 cm) embryo was basically colorless and only had one eye, which fascinated the scientific world.

Cyclopia is an extremely rare condition among animals, making such a discovery a true once in a lifetime experience.

Although many did not believe that the shark was real, this colorless cyclops was officially confirmed as authentic by a biologist Felipe Galván-Magaña of the biological center in La Paz.

Check out some cyclops shark images below.

Albino Shark

Cyclops Albino Shark

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