Albino Cyclops Shark Found in the Gulf of California

Cyclops Shark

If a shark itself is scary enough for you, then how would you react to a one-eyed albino cyclops shark?

That is exactly what a Mexican fisherman named Enrique Lucero León found in the Gulf of California.

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Mysterious Giant Eye Washed Ashore in Florida (Images)

Giant Eye Squid

A mysterious giant eye found two days ago on Pompano Beach in Florida became an instant Internet sensation and just one look at it makes it obvious why.

It was found by accident by a man taking a regular morning walk on October 10.

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Nasty Jellyfish Stings

Jellyfish Stings

Known as one of the deadliest sea creatures, jellyfish can cause serious injuries with potentially fatal outcome to an unsuspecting swimmer.

Numerous jellyfish attacks have been recorded over the years, and now we present you with a list of some of the nastiest jellyfish stings.

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